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The trend is for you to have a choice of investment portfolios for your account. Options may range from conservative money market accounts to aggressive stock funds. Your money goes into the plan's general fund for the purchase of tuition credits. You have no choice in how assets in this general fund are invested. Most plans offer participants a selection of investment portfolios from which to choose.

So I stand by my emphasis on those that have institutionalised distance education. Most definitions of distance education talk about a system, a variety of elements that need to be brought together. There are all kinds of problems with institutions, as we know, but they can provide a very useful way to organise and deliver services. Within those institutions of course people are critical, but getting a system of distance education established has in the past required both political action and the establishment of an organisational infrastructure. It may seem odd to credit politicians for the development of distance education, but the Open University was first and foremost a political idea based on opening up higher education to all .

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Perceived needs may account for the students’ apprehensions regarding taking DE courses. To promote this type of instruction, IHEs could address students’ concerns . Many universities offer Distance Education courses and programs to address the diverse educational needs of students and to stay current with advancing technology. Some Institutions of Higher Education that do not offer DE find it difficult to navigate through the steps that are needed to provide such courses and programs. Investigating learners’ perceptions, attitudes and willingness to try DE can provide guidance and recommendations for IHEs that are considering expanding use of DE formats.


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